Updating dataview

Share Point Designer 2010 includes a rich set of tools that you can use to customize list and Data Views as shown here.

The WYSIWYG tools in Share Point Designer 2010 insert Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) directly into the page so that you don’t have to know XSL to create powerful customized Data Views.

are attributes, characteristics, or measurements that describe cases.

This tutorial discusses how Cases and Variables are oriented in the SPSS Data View window.

You can query, update, insert into, and delete from views, just as you can standard tables.

Views can provide a different representation (such as subsets or supersets) of the data that resides within other tables and views.

Each of these pieces of information is a variable that describes each case (college student).

This is a typical layout for data, where rows are cases and columns are variables.


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