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The incident is not the first time the nest area has been disrupted.A few weeks ago, someone threw a stuffed chicken into the empty nesting bin.The live cam shows six teen boys gingerly stepping through the marsh to get to the nest about 8 p.m. "Honestly it seems like some kids that made a bad decision and then they wanted their five minutes of fame," Joe Haase, leader of the 4-H group that built the platform where the nest is located, told the paper."Typical teenage behavior." The group, The nesting pair began building the structure about a week ago.The male gathered the materials – marsh grass and sticks – and the female arranged them.The cigarette pack has been incorporated into the nest, Haase said.

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She has since hired two additional associates.“The best part by far is the fact that I am a job creator and have been able to get so many people employed,” Mintz says.

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