Sam and rebecca black dating

Her upper body consists of a black tank top exposing her midriff with a purple oval in the center.

Her lower body consists of a black striped skirt with a green crosshatch design, purple leggings, and black combat boots.

Friends of 44-year-old Mendes last night claimed the pair were just good friends who had spent the past year working together on theatre projects in London and New York.

She and Mendes announced their split on Monday, saying the break-up was entirely 'amicable'.

Everyone knows that the O2L boys know how to throw a party, and they decided to end 2015 in style, despite breaking up.

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She is understood to have split from her last serious boyfriend, musician Freddie Stevenson, a few years ago.The couple are believed to be spending time together in London where Mendes, 46, is directing the new James Bond film Skyfall.News of their relationship comes 18 months after Miss Hall was blamed for the collapse of Mendes’ six-year marriage to Titanic actress Miss Winslet.Miss Hall first met Mendes while making her film debut in 2006 on Starter For 10, where he was executive producer, and they were photographed together at one of the premieres.They then worked together last summer when Mendes cast Miss Hall in two productions in New York and London as part of his Bridge Project theatre company.Fans quickly found out that users “josephhhhh”, “dommydeangelis” and “myriamgonzalez” posted a ton of snapchat videos from the sexy bash – and social media went crazy. Various drunk girls decided to use the stripper pole to tease the You Tubers, Viners & Instagram stars in the audience.


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