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We owe a great debt to the patients who take part in clinical research.Developing safer and more effective therapies for future patients could not be done without these heroic 'test pilots'.The committee has taken up this cause because, over a 15-year period, close to 180 Connecticut residents lost their lives in house fires.With a sprinkler installed in all new homes, the committee said it could reduce fire deaths by nearly 80 percent.HARTFORD — A meeting will be held on Wednesday afternoon that could help prevent devastating house fires.On the table is whether or not fire sprinklers should be installed in new homes.This test is typically justified because it limits the risks of taking part in the study ...

There are some people who oppose this bill, citing costs of the initiative as the issue. Albeit controversial, mandating nurse staffing ratios is one way of approaching staffing in patient care areas.The American Nurses Association (ANA) has been outspoken on this issue, calling for legislation mandating staffing plans and ratios.Depending on the severity of patient illnesses, experience and training of nursing staff, technology, and nurse support services—all of which can change with little to no notice—mandated ratios can be inadequate.More information on legislation pertaining to nurse staffing and details on the laws in each state are available on ANA’s Nurse Staffing Plans and Ratios page.Dinosaur Doc posted awhile back about how she managed to keep track of a patient who was failing to follow through on a mammogram.


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