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The timing of Hinge's funding announcement was somewhat ironic given that the day's tech news was dominated by the release of salacious text messages between the founders of Tinder, the current king of dating apps. So while Tinder remains valued in the neighborhood of 0 million, Hinge CEO Justin Mc Leod appears keen to stay relatively under the radar, an approach that has now led to .5 million in new capital over the last 8 months.

A little into his pitch, you were most pleasantly surprised when he touted low cost, tax efficient investments that perfectly matched your goals.

It was then you realized there's a reason the furniture in his place is a bit out-dated, mainly, because the guy isn't touting the high-fee investments. Whether it's a date or your money, taking a step back to peek behind the curtain will typically put both your money and heart in a much better place.

— and you'll be drafted to play his onscreen love interest at some point.

Take this stroll through Rudd's long list of Must-See TV love interests for further proof.


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