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She said: “The girls got tickets to the VIP bit, right up at the front of stage, and when it was their turn they went up on stage and did their routine.Then Justin Beiber went around and asked their names and stuff and said to Meghan, ‘what’s your name gorgeous? She keeps saying ’Justin Bieber thinks I’m gorgeous’.” 'This is one of my favourite places to be in the whole wide world' - Justin Bieber charms Irish fans with energy and chat at Dublin show Ms Meeter said she was incredibly proud of how her students performed, noting that they were “really professional.” Like the other performers, Holly and Meghan were stopped by fans and asked for photos on their way home from the show.Ever wondered what it would be like to lose your virginity to Harry Styles?Or how about having James Marsden teach you how to properly spank Zac Efron?Click through the gallery to see some of our fave looks.Ever since her highly publicized breakup with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has understandably kept her cards close to the vest when it comes to her love life.As she showed off her curves in a sexy lace bikini, the hunk gave her an unmistakable look of lust, casting his eyes on her figure.‘Look at those boobs’, Ellie enthused, ‘Is that a thong? Earlier in the episode, the girls were discussing make-up gate again following Rebecca and Sukhvinder’s epic row about the blonde businesswoman believing women should wear a full face of slap to work. If you're looking for sex stories to read, the internet is full of them.

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Celebrity: Beyonce Title: Beyonce's Book of Bitches Summary: After going to bed early one night while Jay-Z is out on tour, Beyonce finds herself too horny to sleep. Excerpt: "Despite all the times she had seen and abused it, Beyonce still found herself licking her lips at the sight of Britney's ass on display before her. Also I need to clean out my browser history like immediately.

Like, full to the point where Google might explode if you just type "sex stories" into the search bar. If you can dream it, someone on the internet probably has written a sex story about it.

From personal confessions to fictional imaginings, the internet is the go-to place if you want to get your sexy on old-school style, by reading a sexy story.

There’s no feelings behind that.’The pair later had an argument in the bedroom about Kieran’s ‘standoffish’ behaviour towards her.‘All I’ve done is stop flirting with you, I want people to think we’re just friends,’ he said.

The entrepreneur sighed: ‘You make me question whether you still have my back.’However, Rebecca might still be able to have her way with Kieran if she so wishes, judging from the way he looked at her in the hot tub.


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