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“Farming has become more complex in the last 15 years,” said Ian, who until recently did his own bookkeeping.

Now Margaret takes care of the administrative duties full-time.

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In Scotland we’ve got a big tree planting effort going on over the next ten years, so we’ll have a lot more farming and forestry in close proximity.

The reintroduction of lynx and other large predators to parts of Scotland could lead to a rise in the number of sheep being killed and eaten, carrying serious consequences for farmers, a visiting delegation from Norway has warned.

During a trip to Scotland, representatives from the Norwegian Farmers’ Union said their country’s population of wolves, wolverine, lynx and bears posed a constant threat to livestock and had resulted in “huge losses” in some herds of sheep and cattle.“Norwegians are worried on behalf of Scottish farmers if carnivores are to be introduced here.

She retired in 2006 as a communications specialist for the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.

Margaret and Ian went to the same high school in Rio Vista, with Ian three grades higher.


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