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Because Hollywood is so small and everyone is connected, tons of celebs ends up dating the same people, and cutie Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez met when they were both filming movies in Vancouver in 2009 and were feeling a little homesick.

The couple was photographed cuddling in the streets and going on dates before they called it quits.

Emma debuted the new look while attending the Domino Hamptons Outpost presented by American Express VIP Launch Party on Friday (August 4) in Bridgehampton, N. Her Belletrist co-founded Karah Preiss joined her at the event.And few are more intriguing than Taylor Lautner's upcoming movie "Valentine's Day," which has the young heartthrob appearing opposite rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift in a subplot that revolves around them mostly, well, swapping spit."They just had to make out," grinned one of their co-stars, Emma Roberts, as she recently remembered a day watching the two young superstars filming the movie.The pair is literally the cutest and now they are posting photos on social media with hearts and that look in their eyes that they are totally head over heels for each other. Billie posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, "πŸŒΊπŸ’–πŸŒΊ#baelor." Okay, Billie, we see what you did there! We're not totally sure where they are, but it looks like somewhere tropical and super romantic. It seems like Taylor is doing a good job at keeping Billie's mind in the right place, but that doesn't mean she still isn't grieving over the loss of her mother and grandmother.Billie and Taylor were actually caught on a date night recently in Los Angeles holding hands which is a telltale sign that they are definitely an item. In case you missed it, she replaced 'Tay' with 'Bae'. Taylor also took to social media to expose the couple's adventures together. Although she's smiling when she's with Taylor, the actress reminded the world yesterday that her mother is constantly on her mind. After two breakups β€” including ending their engagement β€” could Emma Roberts and Evan Peters be back together?


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