Current recordset does not support updating this may be

If you open a Recordset object containing no records, the BOF and EOF properties are set to True (see the Record Count property for more information about this state of a Recordset).

This sample requires the latest version of Connector/ODBC (My ODBC), available for download here (currently 3.51.06). NET (Unless you reference ADODB in your project and use it for database access).

The exceptions (which arguably fit in either) are when people are writing VBA code to interact with a database.

Open str SQL, cn, ad Open Static, ad Lock Optimistic rs. In fact I have gone to other code sites for answers and seen some of the moderators from here arguing instead of providing answers.... VBA questions (even for Access) generally belong in the Office Development forum.

Clearly the FAQs don't always contain the answers, but if they do then they are generally better than a reply to a thread - because those of us who write FAQ articles typically spend about 50 times as long writing them (including checking documentation, testing code, searching previous threads for alternate solutions/caveats, etc). take it easy on the people asking questions geek man.

Those are the places you should be looking - especially the FAQs, as they are a fairly short and simple list of bullet points (with shortcuts to each section, so you can quickly drill-down to the part that is likely to answer your question). your 28,365 posts Jul 02 are probably mostly this kind of arguing due to you being the biggest know it all of this subject...


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