Amish dating culture

Ontario is the only province in Canada where Amish are found.

Amish have had a presence in Canada since the 1800s, with the Milverton settlement one of the oldest Amish communities in North America (over 180 years in existence).

The Canadian Amish population ranks 11th among all states and provinces, between Illinois (10th) and Minnesota (12th) (see Amish Studies web site and ).

The Milverton community also includes mailing addresses for nearby Millbank, Newton, Linwood, and Atwood.

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The Wisconsin Amish population is spread over nearly four dozen settlements across the state, and a total of 120 church districts (Young Center, 2010).Amish from Cashton have also started at least one daughter community, in southern Illinois.The Hillsboro Amish community, founded in 1985, is located in eastern Vernon County.But as most locals know, the Amish often have calendars, books, magazines and newspapers with pictures in them.Some Amish enjoy sketching, and some Amish have even become known for their folk art. Should not these also be considered "graven images?Additionally, cabinet makers, metal shops, bulk food stores, a hardwares store and a clockmaker are found among Amish businesses in the Cashton community.


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