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It’s where music, rebellion and too much crochet all meet in an intimate atmosphere of collusion. Bendigo’s annual Heritage Uncorked is the City’s famous movable wine festival showcasing Bendigo wines, inspired food and grand gold rush architecture.You’ll be outfitted with your own guide book, map and sampling notes, then you wander off on foot to the venues… Birney joined the Bendigo Tramways team in 2014, he was a rescue cat who now calls the tram depot home.What Amy Burkert has chronicled along the way is an increasingly robust market for people like her, who can barely fathom a trip without a pet by their side.When our adult son moved to California with more baggage than even a strapping young man could manage, we volunteered to bring his 10-year-old Himalayan cat, Java, a month later.Originally chosen for it's proximity to the life sustaining Bendigo creek and flatlands, the area is now one of the most picturesque of Bendigo city.

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At only 400 metres from the CBD, it allows you to park the car in the off street parking and leave it there!We provide accommodation to you in the most authentic, passionate and professional, manner possible.We like to be tourists in our own town - and further afield, so as to keep fresh with your needs when travelling.You will be charged only for the produce and at reasonable prices.Please contact us for more details when you make your reservation.Turns out we needed much of that month to plan the cat's trip.


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